Conan's Goddess (conansgoddess) wrote in brianstack,
Conan's Goddess

love for Brian Stack

You say you need Stack-tastic pictures? I made the Brian Stack page on go to and click "The Writers" on the left, then you'll find Brian Stack. There's a bunch more pics of him there.

In other news, Jadwin posted these on the Conan LJ a little while ago:

Brian Stack is Love
by </a></a>zedsarchive

Also I found this posted on Conan's IMDB message board. Add in sporadic cries of "Oh, for God's sake!" from Conan. ;)

Oh, women shouldn't learn to read or write
they should just have babies morning noon and night
and if they want careers
we should round them up like steers
and lock them in their kitchens good and tight'

Oh, women shouldn't be allowed to vote
I'd rather hear opinions from a goat
They're clearly all insane
we should just remove their brains
and send them out to sea and sink the boat

Oh, women shouldn't be allowed to talk
We should fill their mouths with strong adhesive caulk
And if they try to write things down, we should drag 'em outta town
and ostracize their legs so they can't walk

Oh, women shouldn’t get to go to school
Anyone who educates them is a fool
Instead of reading books
They should focus on their looks
And carry men’s possessions like a mule.

Oh, Roosevelt says we should help the poor
But I say they’re no better than manure
Instead of giving them a hand
We should confiscate their land
And make them live like rats in the sewer

Oh, Irish men pour whiskey on their meat
And they always wake up face down in the street
After booze goes down their throats
They all have sex with goats
So their kids have cloven hooves instead of feet
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